Money, read and learn all about it! A collection of articles to help you rethink money, its uses, and to help get your savings working for you. We do know, many people have had money and many have had time but having time and money at the same time – this is our goal!

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Understanding Money

Understanding money

The key to controlling your finances instead of them controlling you, is to learn! Money in its basic form is a medium or scorecard for the exchange of goods or services. You do a job for someone and they pay you in units of money. Payment is also a score card and a way to store up your own units of labor, savings or profits. Lets assume the financial system you live under is stable. Your finances are not then just numbers on a screen or pay stub, it is a way to measure your progress toward a goal.

Money, Why Not You?

Some things to remember, your finances don’t not care who they belong to. Your bank or brokerage will hold as much wealth as you will ever have. You need never to limit your thoughts about how much you can have. This is perhaps the greatest stumbling block for some people. Many don’t see themselves as ever being financially successful. Until you believe success is possible you won’t start down the trail. You won’t learn the needed skills and you will most likely not succeed. A great example is lottery winners, financially unskilled lottery winners are usually broke again in 2-5 years.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Lao Tzu

In a straight exchange of money for services such as working at a job most people get paid about what they are worth. Not many people stay in-under paid positions very long and people who are overpaid will generally not be around too long. The great game changer here is to always become more valuable over time. Add skills, improve your attitude and look for opportunities! Consider going back to school or taking online classes.

Finances can be your master.

If You Want To Feel Rich Just Count All The Blessings You Have That Money Can’t Buy

This happens when someone spends all too much time chasing only financial dreams potentially compromising their health, relationships and their own peace of mind. The absence of money becomes your master. So because of this, please avoid being overly in debt, not being able to provide for your family and constant financial pressure as it is a terrible burden. Lack also contributes to health issues, broken relationships and high rates of stress. If this is you, let’s get you out of that mess, ASAP