Review of AAII

American Association of Individual Investors Review

The American Association of Individual Investors is an excellent resource! Welcome to our review of AAII. New and experienced stock investors are always looking for extra information to make the best decisions. Therefore those, that will bring them the most money. Are you, looking to really increase your financial knowledge? Yes, well one non-profit organization that can provide information and other resources is the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII).

Our review of American Association of Individual Investors indicates it is a reliable source for unbiased information about investments.

Our Review of AAII

What is the American Association of Individual Investors?

This non-profit entity has the sole purpose of educating those interesting in investing. Therefore, it has information on all of the following:

  • Stock market portfolios.
  • Retirement accounts.
  • Financial planning.

History, James Cloonan, Ph.D. established the organization in 1978 and the group has two portfolios used for education. One is a mutual fund portfolio and the other is a shadow stock portfolio.

What are the benefits of joining AAII?

A review of American Association of Individual Investors shows there are several immediate benefits are available to AAII members. These include:

  • Financial newsletters.
  • Model Portfolios.
  • Access to the Investing Blog.
  • Stock Screeners and other reports.
  • In person or web-based financial discussions.

In addition, other benefits of joining include a top mutual fund guide, an annual tax planning guide, weekly and daily stock investment suggestions. Membership also includes a lifetime guide for investment strategy.

Yes, all of those things are included in the basic membership. The group also offers a Plus membership that includes stock and fund evaluators and graders. In addition a diversification analysis, guru and factor screening, insight tools for your portfolio, community opportunities and user challengers. If that is not enough AAII offers A-F stock grades on volatility, return, expenses and turnover.

It also provides data on thousands of stocks and funds. Virtual classrooms with in-depth stock and investment courses, home study programs, and live investment seminars are also available.

Does AAII really help raise investment success?

Figures for American Association of Individual Investors‘s two portfolios’ returns can be found online so the organization is incredibly transparent about its success. AAII’s two portfolios have consistently outperformed the market over the years. This history of success dates back to 1993.

According to AAII, the Shadow Stock portfolio has great success in that it has returned triple the performance of the broad market. It has outperformed markets every year for 20 years. The numbers are impressive, but remember past performance is not a guarantee of future investment success. The history shows, a very impressive track record.

Who is AAII best suited for?

American Association of Individual Investors

AAII is best for beginning to advanced investors. Really anyone, who wants low-cost research and enjoys face-to-face meetings. There is simply so much information available there is something for everyone at every ability.

Or review of American Association of Individual Investors shows AAII is easy and fun to Use

One positive thing about the AAII platform is that it is easy to onboard and then explore. New members can get involved quickly by visiting webinars and play with stock screeners. You can also find the model portfolios super easily. You can also join local chapters and attend live or web-based sessions.

How is AAII customer support?

The customer service for AAII is highly responsive. Members can reach representatives by email or phone during office hours. Beyond that, there are active and numerous members in the AAII community that can help. There are dozens of local AAII chapters all over the country. As a member, all are invited to visit any of the chapter meetings.

A Look at the Advantages and Disadvantages

Every group or organization comes with advantages and disadvantages. In the case of AAII, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. The low price of membership contains many hidden gems to help members make the most of their investments.


  • Low-cost membership.
  • Many resources are available.
  • Analysis tools for portfolios.
  • Monthly magazine.
  • In-person meetings and webinars.


  • Trading is not available directly on the platform. Be advised, this is not a trading platform but a resource for investment research..
  • It doesn’t have a mobile app.

What are the costs of joining American Association of Individual Investors?

As of this writing, there are six different categories of membership. Bundling saves up to 40 percent for those choosing AAII Platinum membership. The one-year basic membership is $49 without any specials but there are often deals for first-time members.

AAII membership for four years costs $99 and a lifetime membership is $390. Therefore, for many, this is an excellent value.

Besides these categories of membership, there are the A+ Investor memberships available. One year is $149; two years is $259 and a three-year A+ Investor membership is $299.

Summary of American Association of Individual Investors

Our review of AAII shows it is a worthwhile organization for serious investors to consider. Offered is, a tremendous amount of on-point knowledge about investments and guides to get you through all its information easily. A review of American Association of Individual Investors shows membership is a great value as it will help you plan for your financial future. You can easily increase your financial knowledge, make better investments and profit personally. For most, a few extra percent in returns will more than cover the annual costs.

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